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New NAF Glicko Rankings

NotaPublicado: Vie Mar 16, 2018 8:27 pm
por Purplegoo
Hi all,

Some exciting news for NAF members today, as we are launching our new Glicko ranking system, implemented by Nick Harding / mubo.

These rankings aren't designed to replace the Elo numbers you've been used to since NAF rankings began, they are simply a new way of processing NAF data and ranking coaches, and will run in parallel. The Glicko system is able to introduce new features that some coaches have wanted for many years, such as decay and greater reactivity. You can read more about how they work here and view the ranking page at thenaf.net here.

The system is currently in a 'soft launch' period, and if you experience any difficulty viewing the page or using the dropdown filters, please flag this up. The rankings will update on a monthly basis, and we hope the April update will be take us to a fully 'live' state. As we move forward, you can expect fun and interesting updates and developments to pop up on both thenaf.net and thetacklezone.net, and we'll advertise these as and when they become available.

Finally, we'd like to acknowledge Kyrre for his great work parsing the games played in the database so Nick could work with the data and implement the system.

Please join me in virtually patting Nick on the back for his fantastic work, and enjoy playing with the new system!



(P.S. Sorry for the English - but I thought this was cool enough to share! :D)

Re: New NAF Glicko Rankings

NotaPublicado: Vie Abr 06, 2018 10:20 pm
por Purplegoo
Hi all,

The April Glicko ranking update is live.

Along with the update to your numbers, we have some terrific new features for you this month.

- Dan / Wulfyn has written a lovely blog explaining the Glicko ranking system in more depth. If you have questions about mu, phi or the background of this system, read on!

- Nick / mubo has created a terrific rankings calculator where you can insert your Glicko ranking and see how it would change if / when you beat JimJimany's Wood Elfs, or when you play whatever local coach you know is attending your next tournament. This should help you chart your progress in real time, or even before time!

- The rankings themselves now feature a measure of how active rankings have changed compared to last month and where you sit overall for each race for which you have an active ranking. This should be pretty self-explanatory on the ranking page

As ever, thanks to Nick and Dan for all of their hard work. All feedback appreciated, and enjoy! :D


Re: New NAF Glicko Rankings

NotaPublicado: Mar Ene 21, 2020 5:46 pm
por Purplegoo
Hi all,

An exciting NAF ranking development today, as we are introducing our glicko global ranking system!

We have been hosting and maintaining our racial glicko rankings for approximately two years now, and in the background, Nick / mubo and Ketil / kyrre have been working on the best way to implement a ‘global’ ranking using the glicko formula. For those not familiar with the global Elo rankings originally developed by Doubleskulls and now maintained by the Danish community, a global ranking treats all games played as if there is only one Blood Bowl race, and coaches develop one ‘all-in-one’ number. In the case of glicko, Stunty games have been removed from the calculation, as this is intended to improve accuracy.

We hope that you will enjoy tracking your performance via this new ranking, and that those of you that consider yourselves more of a ‘generalist’ or perhaps felt a little undervalued by the racial system now have a reason to keep an eye on the glicko pages on thenaf.net. As a NAF coach, you now have four ways of tracking your performance over time (including global Elo), so lots of interesting numbers to look at!

We are continuing to update and improve the glicko system in the background. The upload is now automated, the numbers update more frequently and we are working on adding glicko to selected screens on the membership website. For those of you that are very keen on the Elo numbers hosted there, fear not, this won’t be intrusive.

Please join me in thanking Nick and Ketil for all of their continued hard work, we hope you enjoy the new system!

Phil / Purplegoo.

(Any questions, bugs or thoughts on anything glicko related, please post in the TFF thread.)


Hola a todos,

Un desarrollo de clasificación NAF emocionante hoy, ya que estamos presentando nuestro glicko global ranking system!

Hemos estado alojando y manteniendo nuestra clasificaciones raciales de glicko durante aproximadamente dos años, y en el fondo, Nick / mubo y Ketil / kyrre han estado trabajando en la mejor manera de implementar una clasificación 'global' utilizando la fórmula glicko. Para aquellos que no están familiarizados con las clasificaciones globales de Elo desarrolladas originalmente por Doubleskulls y ahora mantenidas por la comunidad danesa, una clasificación global trata todos los juegos jugados como si solo hubiera una carrera de Blood Bowl, y los entrenadores desarrollan un número 'todo en uno'. En el caso de glicko, los juegos Stunty se han eliminado del cálculo, ya que esto está destinado a mejorar la precisión.

Esperamos que disfruten el seguimiento de su desempeño a través de este nuevo ranking, y que aquellos de ustedes que se consideran más "generalistas" o tal vez se sientan un poco infravalorados por el sistema racial ahora tengan una razón para vigilar las páginas de glicko. en thenaf.net. Como entrenador de NAF, ahora tiene cuatro formas de realizar un seguimiento de su rendimiento a lo largo del tiempo (incluido el Elo global), ¡así que hay muchos números interesantes para ver!

Continuamos actualizando y mejorando el sistema glicko en segundo plano. La carga ahora está automatizada, los números se actualizan con mayor frecuencia y estamos trabajando para agregar glicko a las pantallas seleccionadas en el sitio web de membresía. Para aquellos de ustedes que están muy interesados ​​en los números Elo alojados allí, no tengan miedo, esto no será intrusivo.

Únase a mí para agradecer a Nick y Ketil por todo su arduo trabajo, ¡esperamos que disfrute el nuevo sistema!

Phil / Purplegoo.

(Cualquier pregunta, error o pensamiento sobre cualquier cosa relacionada con glicko, publíquelo en TFF thread).